Manual Readings

Read the bulk water meter each month.

Water Consumption

Calculate the water consumption and sewerage charge for each consumer.


Process billing information for each consumer’s water consumption and sewerage charge.

Verification Of Meter Readings

Verify that the meter readings reflected on the municipal invoice are correct and confirm that the invoice is accurate before payment thereof.

Water Charges

Calculate the water and sewerage charges when the municipality estimates the readings.

Investigate Irregularities

Investigate irregularities or discrepancies.



Our advanced smart water meters send accurate consumption data directly to our monitoring portal.This allows us to offer our customers accurate consumption measurements.

The monitoring portal also allows us to detect leaks and abnormalities as they happen, saving our customers thousands of litres of water every year.

The monitoring portal assists commercial, industrial and residential consumers to measure, manage and  improve their overall water consumption which can lead to a reduction in your water bill.


Our team processes accurate billing information for our customers based on their water and sewerage consumption. We are able to represent our customers with regards to any discrepancies they may have with the City of Cape Town.


Faircape will be able to submit actual municipal readings when they have been estimated. We ensure that the correct tariff is applied by the City of Cape Town and reconcile all water consumed and sewerage charges to the City of Cape Town account.


After our systems are installed and in place, our team provides ongoing management services. We aim to attend to our customer’s queries whenever they may arise.

We offer reconciliation of your account with the City
of Cape Town

Step 1

Compare City accounts to your property meter readings.

Step 2

Check bulk meters for discrepancies.

Step 3

Check sub meters for discrepancies.

We offer reconciliation of your account with the City
of Cape Town

Step 4

Check common areas for any irregularities.

Step 5

If any irregularities are picked up we will supply the information to query the bill with the City.