35 Years

Faircape, servicing the cape with excellence for more than 35 years in business.

New Water by-law

City of Cape Town may issue a fine, take legal action against you…


up to 60 months on water meter & alternative water projects.

Water Utility Services

We provide specialised Water Management Services in Smart and Prepaid Water Metering, Leak Detection & Alternative Water Supply.

Smart Water Meters

Smart Water Metering

Full installation, maintenance, and monitoring. Detect leaks & tampering with remote monitoring. #1 Water Metering company of choice for estates, commercial and industrial use.

Prepaid Water Meters

Prepaid Water Meters

Take control of your monthly budget. Full installation, maintenance & monitoring. The best option for sectional titles. Prepaid water meters allow users to purchase water when needed.

Water Management

Water Management

Turn-key utility solutions for residential, commercial, industrial & agricultural. We manage & maintain more than 50 buildings with 4000+ meter readings per month.

Alternative Water Supply

Alternative Water Supply

Sustainable water solutions, boreholes and greywater systems. Filtration & reverse osmosis plants. Reduce municipal water reliance.

Smart Water Meters Installed To Date

Buildings Managed

Meters Read Per Month

Our Customers

We supply, finance and manage water metering solutions to over 50 properties in Cape Town.

What our Customers Have to Say


“We have been managing Liberty Grande for a while now and I have no reason not to recommend WUS as a preferred partner for water meter installations. Liberty Grande is a 13 storey building and is fully prepaid in terms of water.”

– Colin Fisher, Steer & Co


“The smart meters installed at my Body Corporates have worked impeccably: the biggest plus is the ability to detect high usage volumes and probable leaks. I have two body corporates who are currently considering installation within this year as a saving solution. the budgeted amount for Water & Sewerage vs. the cost of installation, monthly fee etc. has resulted in these body corporates saving income rather than increasing their expenses. During my time working with Warren and his team, I have experienced an incredibly high level of integrity, service and expertise. There is open communication, transparency and their assistance in resolving any query have been fast.”

– Cheyze Mannie, FMS


“Great service from Wayne!”

– Mikayla Humphries


“Awesome service delivery, always responsive and a professional attitude from the team.”

– Gavin Robertson

Verified by Engineers

All projects verified and signed off by industry-leading engineers from Sutherland.

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