Body Corporate FAQs

When the meters are installed, does the owner now pay their own water and sewerage bill directly with the City of Cape Town?

No they do not, the payment of the municipal water and sewerage bill is still the responsibility of the body corporate. Water Utility Solutions provides the management service of completing the reconciliation for the body corporate to ensure that they can pay the municipal water bill in time.

What Water & Sewerage tariff will be charged?

You will be charged the City of Cape Town’s water and sewerage tariff rates. For body corporate’s this is the domestic tariff. This will be the same tariff that can be found on the body corporate’s municipal bulk water account.

Can we select to have the meters supplied and installed by Water Utility Solutions but not opt for the management services offered?

Unfortunately not, the management of these meters are an integral part of installing and using these meters correctly. For our smart water meters, these meters are placed on our remote reading system which monitors water consumption in real-time.

The prepaid water meters need to be registered on a vending platform in order for water tokens to be generated and hence purchased. According to the City of Cape Town’s amended water by-law, when individual water meters exist, these meters must be monitored and monthly usage recorded for each individual unit and detailed records to be retained for at least 24 months.

I am interested in the meter solution for our body corporate, but do not have the upfront capital to get these meters installed, what option do I have?

Water Utility Solutions offers a finance option, of up to 60 months, for our water installations. Water Utility Solutions will own and manage these meters for the duration of the finance term. A non-finance option means we will require a 50% deposit in order to commence with the installation.

Once the meters are installed and the body corporate and it’s residents have queries on the solution, what can they do?

Water Utility Solutions’s team will be ready to assist the body corporate and their residents with their queries. Water Utility Solutions will consult with the City of Cape Town, on behalf of the body corporate, when there are irregularities or discrepancies on the municipal bulk water account. For the consumer, we attend to all queries related to water consumption and sewerage charges.

Smart Water Meter FAQs

What is a smart water meter and how does it work?

A smart water meter measures water flow and then uses wireless technology so that remote readings can be taken. Smart water readers provide accurate data 24/7 and allows you to track your water usage and therefore gives you more control of your water bills.

What is the wear and tear of these smart meters like?

These ultrasonic meters have no moving parts, therefore they are not affected by wear and tear like conventional mechanical water meters.

How accurate is the smart water meter?

Our smart water meter has a low start flow down to 2 litres/hour which ensures that even very low flows are measured.

Do you have to read these smart water meters manually?

No, these meters are read remotely by the integrated communication infrastructure via a fixed network.

What happens in the event of a leak or burst water pipe?

Our smart water meter has multiple intelligent alarms and info codes for quick and effective responses to: leakage, burst, dry, reverse flow and tampering.

Prepaid Water Meter FAQs

If the prepaid water meters are installed by Water Utility Solutions, can tokens be purchased from any STS Vendor?

No this will not be possible. Tokens are generated and therefore can only be purchased on the vending platform on which they have been registered on.

How do I purchase water tokens for the prepaid water meter?

Tokens will have to be purchased via the Water Utility Solutions vending platform. There are several options for our customers to select: our website www.buy.inpower.co.za; the Faircape Utility App (App Store or Play Store), via EasyPay; selected retailers or via the FNB banking app.

How do I enter the water token for my unit?

Each prepaid water meter comes with a unique keypad linked to that meter. The token can then be entered into the meter to add kilolitres to the unit.

How are the prepaid water meters powered?

The meters use a battery that is replaceable. According to the manufacturer, the typical lifespan of the battery is around 5 years, depending on how they are used.

What happens if I run out of kl’s?

The meter valve will close, it can be reopened, and water can flow once a minimum of R 10’s worth of water is purchased via the vending platform.