Smart Water Meters

Smart meters provide real-time data that use digital technology to measure and record water consumption and can communicate directly with utility companies through wireless networks.

Real-time Data | Remote Management | Billing Accuracy


Smart water meters measure water flow and use wireless technology so that remote readings can be taken. Smart water readers provide accurate data 24/7 and allow you to track your water usage therefore giving you more control over your water bills.

City Of Cape Town Annual Domestic Tariff Increase

Best Use Case

Smart meters are best for larger residential and commercial properties, as well as utility companies aiming to enhance water management. They are suitable for areas with frequent water shortages, where monitoring and conserving resources are critical.

smart water meters

Kamstrup‘s FlowIQ

We believe in quality products, which is why we exclusively use Kamstrup‘s FlowIQ water meters. These smart meters use ultrasonic technology which means no moving parts and therefore accurate metering (up to 16 years). These meters integrate with our WaterEye app for remote metering without any additional add-ons – You can get real-time consumption data!

Our Smart meters can be used for more than just consumption metering.

They use intelligent alarms to detect leaks, bursts, reverse flow etc. which not only saves you money in water wastage but can also prevent resultant damage from geyser bursts and more!

smart water metering technology

WaterEye App

Our Water Specialists have developed the WaterEye App which effortlessly integrates with our KamStrup Smart Meters. You can review Your real-time water consumption at the press of a button

This allows us to offer accurate consumption measurements. The WaterEye app allows us to notify customers of leaks and abnormalities as they happen, saving our customers thousands of litres of water every year. The WaterEye app assists commercial, industrial and residential consumers to measure, manage and improve their overall water consumption which can lead to a reduction in your water bill.time water consumption at the press of a button


We supply, finance and manage water metering solutions to over 50 properties in Cape Town.